A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Redirect data packets down the streams to attack opponent access points in an attempt to take over their mainframe.

Your access points look like this:

Click on one and redirect data packets using the the port forwarding matrix shown below:

In the above matrix all data packets are being sent to Madrid. The vertical line shows which stream the next data packet received will be sent down. When a data packet reaches an access point of an opponent it will reduce it's firewall. The strength of an access point's firewall is shown by the rings around it. If an opponents access point has no firewall left you will take control of the access point.

Only mainframes can create new data packets. They release them automatically every second. Mainframes are shown larger than access points. Taking over an opponents mainframe gives you an additional mainframe. You will need a mainframe to continue so protect yours well.

Happy hacking.


RerouteReboot_Mac.zip 20 MB
RerouteReboot_Win.zip 16 MB
LD40_Source.zip 33 MB


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I really like the Gameidea.

But i think it needs some improvements.

If you want to attack it's a lot of clicking to get all dots like on Madrid. I want to shift click on a City to get all dots to the target.

I found the easy stragety is to let your pots stack up between citys and then attack all on one target. There need to be a limit or something.

An upgrade System would be nice. To increase the Mainframe perfomance or upgrade Access Points to Main Frames. 

But all in all i like the Game.