A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Cultivate a magnificent bonsai without the many years of hard work. Use your PlayStation Move controller to cultivate six beautiful bonsai trees. There are no win conditions besides the reward of your own creations. Made for the Ludum Dare 34 game jam. Vote here. Enjoy.

Requires a PlayStation Move controller to play - If you have a PlayStation Move controller, but have never used it on a PC before then you need to pair it to the PC. To do this go to PS Move API website and in the downloads section find the binary for your OS. Once downloaded connect the controller via USB, and run the file psmovepair. Then simply follow the instructions. You should now be able to unplug the USB cable and connect by pressing the PlayStation button.

By popular demand I've added some basic gamepad support - It's not ideal but it is playable. Please use a move controller where possible.


ExpressBonsai_Win.zip 42 MB
ExpressBonsai_Mac.zip 13 MB
ExpressBonsai_lin.zip 15 MB


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You sent me on a path to finally be able to pair my move with a PC!

Requires? Downloading out of curiosity, but if there are ONLY Move controls, well, I expect you won't be getting many plays at all :/

Yes PlayStation Move is required. Sorry. I'll look into other control methods, but WiiMote may be the only other control scheme which could work.

I know 2 people who still have Move controllers, neither lives close to me at the moment.
You probably have more chance making it for the Vive than for the Move.

Is there a reason this can't be played with a mouse? What makes it require a Move? Angle?